Review: Baby Carrier One – Spring Collection

In the Freckle household we have a number of different ways of transporting the smallest member of the team around. We have slings, we have prams, we have carriers and we have our own muscular strength.

Number one option for me hands down is our Baby Bjorn One Carrier from the Spring collection. This collection has been inspired by the modern day man, a description I hope fits me. Read my #dadstories here.

I’ve been using it for a while now and I absolutely love it. You might have noticed me rocking the anthracite mesh limited edition cheeky little number from the spring collection. It’s the first thing I grab when leaving the house. I’ve forgot it in the past and the consequences have been painful. All the other designs in the collection are stylish and handsome so you are not limited when it comes to options.


For me the greatest advantage of the One Carrier is it gives me the time to hold little Freckle close without using my own arms and in the process sapping my energy, increasing my core body temperature and all round being generally uncomfortable. Its light and durable and carrying her around in it is comfortable and easy on the back.

It is simple to use which for me is essential. I dont have to spend 20 minutes decoding the instructions before I can leave the house. Just pop it on, strap baby in and we are off. Freedom.

We’ve got slings which come with forty pages of instructions and diagrams about how to strap baby in which baffle me. Quite frankly I don’t trust myself to use one on my own, the complexity of them scares me. However with the One Carrier it couldn’t be simpler to use. Its got three different carrying positions. You can pop baby on your front, facing towards you or out towards the big wide world. Or if you fancy you can pop them on your back. The instructions are simple and convienently located on the carrier if you need them.


The One Carrier can be used from birth up until three years, therefore growing with your baby and saving you the hastle of having to buy a new carrier at each little milestone. It also frees the old hands up leaving you able to engage in the world as you usually would whilst conviently and confidentially bringing your little one safely with you.

Storage wise it takes up little room. Just hang it up with your coats and grab when needed. Easy.

And if the the inevitable spillage or baby sick happens upon your One Carrier you can relax in the comfort of knowing that a little wash at 40° will make it nice and clean again.


At the business end it’s priced between £134.99 – £154.99. An investment but one well worth it as it’s going to give you three years of use and closeness to your little sprog, before they want nothing to do with you.

Check them out here.

Much love

Daddy Freckle




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