Review: The Zack by Bax & Bay

I feel I can rock the shit out of a ladies baby changing bag. I feel this way because I’ve left the house numerous times with the wifes changing bags and had lots of nice comments about how they suit me.

However three years in to this parenting job and with the brood now at 2, I felt it appropriate to go out on my own and become a changing bag owner.

The bag of choice; The Zack rucksack. The colour; Olive green. The reason; see below.


I needed a multifunctional bag because as well as being a father and husband, I am also a gym enthusiast (I like to go to the gym to take the kids swimming and sit in the sauna), a shopper and all round general family donkey. So I needed a bag that could switch functions when needed.

The Zack bag first and foremost comes kitted up for its primary objective. It’s a changing bag, complete with changing mat, insulated bottle bag and handy pockets for all those little necessities you need to keep your baby fresh and clean.

And that’s about where the comparisons with other changing bags stop. This is not only practical but also beautifully crafted and stylish. Made in waterproof, washable faux suede, the Olive Green Zack bag is prepared for all the hazards of parenting and the British weather. So if its baby sick or a summers downpour this bag is going to keep the contents dry whilst being easy to clean.


The faux suede is soft to touch and can easily be used as a pillow to rest your head or allow your little one to lie on if your into sharing. It’s comfortable to wear, the straps are strong but gentle on the shoulders and back. A simple pull on the drawstring, and a strap though the sleek buckle, locks your contents away from investigative little hands.

For me it’s a gem of a bag. Workable for family life but also as a general rucksack. It looks at home when I am out with kids or popping into my locker at the gym. It really is a practical purchase for the everyday use.

The Zack Bag is available in 5 colours. From yellow waxed cotton to a cheeky pink little number. See the range here.

For great deals and up to date offers check the Bax & Bay Instagram feed.

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