The team behind the beans: Booths coffee tour

Before kids I rarely drank coffee. Before kids I slept gloriously. So when kids came along and I began to sleep rarely, I took up drinking coffee gloriously.

I have dibbled and I have dabbled with different coffee brands. I have never really settled on a particular coffee or established whether bean is better than ground.

That was until I took a tour of Booths coffee HQ in deepest darkest Preston. Now before we went I was giddy and very excited to see what happened in a coffee roasting and grinding factory and to learn more about the drink that keeps me functional. I was expecting some huge warehouse with hundreds of people, coffee beans all over the show, roasters firing away and the sweet smell of coffee in the air.

What we found was a very nice purposely built building with one roaster and grinder. The team behind the beans was in fact two gents by the names of Peter and Rob, plus the packing team only a few members strong.

It had a real personal feel about the place. The smell of coffee was dancing in the air and we got to see how the coffee was roasted and ground. We got to hold some beans pre roasting and post roasting. We tickled our tastebuds with a variety of different coffees and learnt all about strengths, tastes and smells.

I’m not going to lie to you, it was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I discovered that strength doesn’t mean more caffeine on the contrary there is less in the stronger stuff. I discovered bean is best. I also found my new favourite coffee which goes by the name of Monsoon Malabar. I love the taste of this cheeky number, but also the fact I’ve met the team who have roasted those beans. Makes it that little bit more personal.

And that’s the main thing I took from our little tour. Booths doesn’t just cater to your food and drink delights but adds that little bit of personal sparkle as well.

Everytime I take a sip of my morning Monsoon Malabar latte I’m whisked away to that magical day I spent on the coffee tour. It makes the fact I’m up at 5am that little bit more bareable.

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