The Jord Watch: It’s pronounced Yoad, like Toad but with a Y.

I like my watches. I have a fair few. All shapes, colours and sizes. The collection was nice but it felt a little metal heavy. Then I heard about wooden watches and thought “I fancy some of that” and added one to the collection.

I’ve been rocking this little beauty on the old left wrist.

It’s an absolute dream of a watch. It’s minimalistic, simply doing what it needs to but in style. First off the face looks dashing and handsome. The hands move smoothly, encased majestically below the clear face.

Resting comfortably upon your arm, secure and classy, you will notice how light weight the Hyde is. You don’t have to have bulging biceps and a strong back to lift this masterpiece to eyesight.

The wood is smooth and the ebony colour makes a statement. Being a fashion icon, I like a watch that can handle any occasion, and this timepiece fits the bill.

In summation, the Hyde is sleek, stylish and efficient. It’s perfectly simple in every way. Just how I like life.

Fancy some discount head here

For the Jord men’s collection click here

For the ladies collection click here

Much love



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